Our Curriculum

We Focus on the following areas of development:

Physical Intellectual Language Creative Socio - Emotional

Curriculum is the set of experiences, activities and events, direct or indirect which occur in an environment specially planned to foster children's learning and development. In simple terms, Curriculum is a plan for learning. Our curriculum is a comprehensive child-centric curriculum that comes with set objectives in all major areas of development. It is related to the child's developmental readiness, interests, questions, style of learning and the cultural context in which the child finds himself.

Language And Literacy Program

During the preschool years, children's experiences with communication and literacy begin to form the basis for their later school success. The Language and Literacy program implemented in language and print-rich environments, young children develop vocabulary, extended language skills, and knowledge of the world around them. The program includes learning of the concept of alphabets A-Z (capital, small), phoneme, and activities as pattern writing, word building, sight words, and two letter/three letter words.

Mathematics Program

the environments that are rich in language encourage children to explore the things around them, hence children obtain ideas about basic mathematical concepts. These concepts are number pattern, time, shape, color, quantity etc. The Mathematics program fosters their learning through such activities as sorting/classifying, counting, pairing, patterning, measurements, writing number names - 1 to 100

Science Program

we belive young children are natural scientists. They are keen to discover all they can about the world in which they live. This program allows children participate in simple investigations that help them begin to develop the skills of asking questions, collecting information, conveying findings, and making decisions. Our Science program for Junior Kindergarten includes hands-on experiences, like planting, care for and observation of a plant, exploration of five human senses, basic properties of air, light, and water; discovering the effect when different substances are combined, and many more.

Social Studies Program

Social studies focus on the nature of people and their world, the heritage of the past, and contemporary living and culture. Social Studies Program at our preschool helps children to develop the self-understanding that will facilitate further learning about others and the world around them. Contributing to skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and working independently and with others in a classroom the program serves as a great foundation for child's role as a future citizen.

Music And Movement Program

Three- and four-year-old children express themselves through singing and movement, and by playing simple instruments. Like art, music is a form of experiencing, learning, and communicating with others. Music and Movement Program comprises various activities: clapping rhythm patterns and follow the leader, high and low sounds, loud and soft, fast and slow, following rhythm with instruments, singing by themselves and many other. All of them give children opportunity to experiment with music concepts, volume, tempo, and sound.

Physical Development Program

Children explore their physical space and understand how their bodies function in space through active movement experiences. They become more skillful and expressive in their movement from one point in space to another through running, jumping, hopping, and skipping movements. Physical Development program meets these needs of a child and offers climb, roll, jump, slide, crawl, obstacle and circuit courses, group games, catch using a large ball, balancing bar, foam gym, and many other equipments and activities on daily basis.

Personal and Social Development Program

Social skills development that enable them to function well within the social setting of the classroom. In the span of Personal and Social Development program children get to know how identify and label emotions, use acceptable methods to express anger and frustration, practice independence with self-care, practice listening behaviours, taking turns, sharing, cooperating, working in small groups.

Fine Arts Program

Young children need to express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings using a variety of symbols. This Program enhances children's ability to interpret symbols making impact in all areas of development, including academic learning. Fine Arts Program provides such learning environment where children explore a wide variety of materials and make discoveries about color, shape, and texture through art experiences.

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