Parent's Corner

Home is the first learning environment for the child and parents are the first teachers. They not only guide the child in its progressive path but also demonstrate the appropriate behavior by their actions.

Parenting Tips

Dear Parents,

We all agree to the fact that raising a child is one of the toughest and equally satisfying jobs in the world. And also, the one for which we are least prepared. Every new parent needs guidance and support to rear the child in the safest and secure manner. The sense of self starts developing in children when you start addressing them with various names, tone of your voice, body language and expressions. Parents' words and actions help children in developing their self esteem. Appreciating even for their smallest effort will build their confidence. Parents are advised not to speak to their children in a loud tone. Parents need to select the words and sentences very carefully before speaking to them.

Just as a caterpillar is on the verge of blossoming into a radiant butterfly... kids are in the magical stage of learning as they develop into strong and beautiful learners ready to FLY!

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